Waltz Dance Lessons

Waltz is one of the most iconic of the ballroom dances, and one of my personal favorites. Here are just a few steps to give you a taste of this beautiful and elegant dance.

Step 1: Left Box Turn

The Left Box Turn can be done with no turn, up to 3/4 of a turn to left. It is comprised of a forward walk on the left foot, followed by a chasse to the right. The second half is danced by taking a back walk on the right foot, followed by a chasse to left. When rotation is added, the bulk of the rotation is taken between the walks and the chasses.

Step 2: 6-Count Underarm Turn

The 6-Count Underarm Turn is unusual in that the follow turns to the right over 6 steps, as opposed to most underarm turns that are danced in just 1-3 steps. The result if a full, billowy action that is great for wedding dances, although it is a very popular figure amongst social dancers as well. This figure looks and feels the best when a lot of space is taken up, but when dancing on a crowded dance floor, you'll have to keep the distances actions a little smaller.

Step 3: Side-By-Side Change Steps

Side-by-Side Change Steps are a great way to add variety to your waltz, and a particularly good way to advance down the floor. Especially during the beginning phases of your dancing, the basic actions like the Left Box Turn and 6-Count Underarm Turn can be a bit stationary, which is great for a wedding or other situations where your floor is small, but in a large ballroom, you will want to progress around the floor. This step is comprised of half box steps, better known as change steps. You will be dancing the same foot positions as your box step, but rather than going backwards at any point, you will always be stepping forward, while turning approximately a quarter to your left or right, in opposition to your partner, causing you to end up in alternating side-by-side and facing positions. It's a fun and easy step and will be a great addition to your repertoire!

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