Dance Technique Lessons

Learning dance steps is one thing, executing them well is another. Every good dancer knows that the bulk of one's energy should be spent in perfecting technique. Here are a few videos to help you start to brush the surface. Happy dancing!

Basic Ballroom Dance Position

Dancing in close quarters with another person can seem really difficult at first, but a large part of being able to move with another person lies in having a correct and useful dance position. This video covers some of the very basic elements of ballroom dance position, including the points of contact, and proper alignment to one another.

Underarm Turns: The Hands

There are many different types of underarm turns to right and to left, but the way the connected hand interact are more consistent. The video addresses the most common ways of molding the hands during turns to left and to right. While there are a few other variations available, this is a good set of rules to get you started.

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